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Rare Camion of Victor Bonnet

February 3, 2018

After Victor Bonnet took over the toy business from Flersheim in 1919 he makes, among other things, ‘Camion’ (no. 249). This is an open truck from the ‘Les Auto-Transports’ series. A fellow collector drew my attention to a different ‘camion’ on Ebay and at the moment I looked at the photo the auction was immediately terminated.

The nice thing about this Camion is not only the beautiful condition but also the print on the hood: ‘Goulet-Turpin’. Internet teaches us that this is the name of the Goulet-Turpin couple, who founded a distribution company under this name in 1874, the year of their marriage.
I know that there are many collectors of Bonnet cars in France and hope that it ended up in one of these collections.

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